Pool Services

Pool Services

Dear Customers,

Due to the current Covid-19 issues causing more people to stay home and public pools either opening late or not opening at all; we have been overwhelmed with service requests and above ground pool requests.  We appreciate your patience as this has resulted in longer than normal lead times to respond to your e-mails, phone messages, and website inquiries.  Please know we are working diligently to respond to everyone who has reached out to us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We also want to let you know that many of our suppliers and distributors are also inundated with material requests which has, in turn, resulted in extended delivery times.  What was taking 2 days to receive, we are being told by our supply chains, may now take several days to several weeks depending on the product and its manufacturing location.  We want to assure you we are doing our best to work around these delays as best as possible and are utilizing all outlets at our disposal to keep our shelves stocked and special orders delivered in as timely a manner as possible.

For those customers who have sent requests and inquiries regarding DIY pool kits and/or pool installations, with such high demand this season, our suppliers have informed us they are out of stock on DIY pool kits and are not expecting more until mid to late August.  Additionally, our 2020 pool installation calendar is full, and we no longer have availability for installations for the remainder of the season.  We are currently preparing quotes for the 2021 season. 

Monarch Pool Care offers pool services to aid our customers with everything, from simple repair to full renovation and restoration services for older facilities. Interested in a heater, salt chlorine generator, liner replacement, safety cover, new filter, or pump? We can help!

Our services include:

  • Liner Leak Detection
  • Pressure Testing/Repair
  • Pool Inspection with Written Report
  • Spa Weekly Maintenance Plans (See Spas / Spa Maintenance)
  • Spa Start-Up / Winterization (See Spas / Spa Maintenance)

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vinyl liner replacementQuality pool liners are aesthetically pleasing, smooth to the touch, remarkably resilient and remain uncorroded by pool chemicals. The extra protective layer also increases the durability and lifespan of your pool.

Vinyl liners provide an easy-to-clean surface, enhancing the hygiene of your pool. Pool liners have come a long way from the days of solid blue liners as the only design option. Now you can choose between different colors, styles and patterns for your pool.

Professional liner installations can add years of life to your swimming pool. Our trained experts can determine what repairs are necessary to bring your pool back to pristine condition.

Unfortunately, we have seen pool owners regret hiring non-professionals to install their pool liners because they often make many mistakes that compromise the integrity of their pool. When buying a pool liner from Monarch Pool Care, you can rest assured of a fast and quality installation backed by the best professional service department in the area.

Professional Installation for a Wrinkle-Free Liner

When a pool liner has wrinkles, dirt and debris get caught in them, making it impossible for the pool vacuum to reach. A pool with a wrinkled liner is never really clean. Eventually debris builds up, making the wrinkles prime targets for tearing! Our professional installation will provide you with a smooth, wrinkle-free liner.

Contact us today for a quote on your vinyl liner replacement!

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Monarch Pool Care offers restorative services for worn, tired/stained, or damaged vinyl pools including steps, coping, lights, pumps, filters and associated equipment. We also excel at liner replacement services for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

Old or damaged pool equipment can not only compromise the overall efficiency and safety of your pool system, but can also skyrocket your utility bills. Our qualified technicians can repair or replace your pool equipment quickly and for a fair price. We’ll work hard to repair your existing equipment, and when a replacement or upgrade is needed we rely on the unsurpassed quality, durability, and efficiency of Zodiac, Jandy & Pentair pool equipment to keep your pool at its best for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your pool maintenance, servicing, and repair needs.

Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

pool inspection

Residential Pool Inspection Services

A swimming pool is a great investment for your home. There is a sense of confidence in the quality of the pool if you hired the contractor, selected the materials and design, and were actively involved throughout the project. But what if you are purchasing a home with an existing pool? How would you know if it is working as intended? Are there any repairs needed? Monarch Pool Care offers residential pool inspection services to put your mind at ease.

We perform a visual and operational inspection of the pool and equipment. After our inspection is completed, we provide a report with repair recommendations and referrals to capable companies.

An average inspection takes about an hour and the fee is due upon completion and submission of the final report.

We do not make any repairs nor do we perform any pressure testing of plumbing lines as part of an inspection. If there is reason to suspect underground lines are leaking, we will make the recommendation to perform any necessary pressure testing.

For more information or to schedule your pool inspection, contact us today.

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