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Monarch Pool Care takes pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction, and we appreciate hearing about your experience with us. Please take a few minutes to browse through our reviews and testimonials to see what some of our clients have said about their experience with Monarch Pool Care.

We bought the IR Sauna in December and my husband found it relatively easy to put together (with the help of 2 other family members). Thankfully everything was already wired it was just a matter of connecting walls, inserting the bench and connecting a couple of wiring harnesses, then adding the ceiling. I love the Bluetooth feature and the colored lights. The Infrared is different from the moisture sauna in that the moisture doesn't hit everything and reach deep enough. The effect of the IR seems to go deeper and last longer when used as a part of my evening ritual. It also seems to have added benefit of providing a better nights' sleep. I would highly recommend the sauna for anyone with any type of chronic pain condition or anyone wanting the spa feeling in the privacy of their own home. 


Thank you to you, Len, everyone at the Chatham Heights location and Fred and his team for a wonderful "First Season Pool Ownership Experience." I look forward to working with you next pool season. 

-Mrs. L. Atherley 

After dealing with three incompetent pool companies during our nine years in this home, Monarch came to our rescue. Everyone we have dealt with, from Len, Ruth, the techs and staff, are not only extremely knowledgeable, but also professional and efficient. We could not be more pleased. For the past three years, Monarch has seen to it that our pool looks consistently fabulous and, it is with thanks to them, that we can simply kick back during the season and enjoy with no worries where the pool is concerned. We love Monarch.

Mark R.

Stafford, VA

Ken and I would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding job the Monarch Pool Care company did in completing the renovation of our 34 year old pool. We have had the pleasure of using your company for everything from water testing to pump repair since you opened at your first location. When the bids came in and yours was so competitive, there was no question that we would choose your company. We are so glad we did. From demolition to completion, we were very impressed that Len was here every day to check on progress and make sure that every aspect of the process was completed to his very strict specifications. When there was any kind of problem, management took care of it immediately. Their problem solving abilities went above and beyond what we expected. The follow up maintenance that is required after the completion of the pool is impressive as it requires the pool to be brushed and the water balanced for a month. The team from Monarch Pool Care has been here twice a day every day to ensure that we receive the best outcome on our investment. Your prompt, professional service from the time you submitted the written quote to the completion of the project sets your company apart from any other company we have worked with in the past. Thank you so much for our beautiful “new” pool. We look forward to having your company install the new pool cover that we purchased from you. Your company really does “do it all” and we would highly recommend you to anyone that wants a professional, strictly scheduled, high quality experience.

Ruth and Ken

Stafford, VA

Monarch Pool Care is by far the best pool store I have ever used. I would recommend you use them as your pool store for their exceptional services, advice, and their customer relations. They treat you with that personal touch as to treat my daughter with changing the in store TV channel to cartoons while I have my pool water sample tested, ensuring I get the necessary chemicals to keep my pool balanced and cared for.

There are many options from pool stores, to major retailers caring pool supplies and equipment in the area, but you will not find the same quality or level of services, along with advice, to help you personally understand your unique pool. This is the type of small business that I like, recommend and will always use for my pool needs.


Stafford, VA

Monarch Pool Care provides responsive, first class service that is outstanding!


Stafford, VA

Monarch Pool Care is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and after spending over 23 years in the Air Force I have dealt with companies all over the world. Ruth and Len are honest and professional in all my dealings with them. I do not believe any task with a pool is too big for them. Case in point, my pool had not been ran or winterized in two years when I bought my house. When I pulled the safety tarp back the water was so black you could not see the first step which was only 10 inches deep. The pool is a beautiful big free formed concrete pool. I thought there was no hope to get the water clean much less the pool area itself. Len told me he could get the water clean and probably any stains that may be in the pool. I thought well let’s see but this may just be a good sells pitch. To my surprise the water was crystal clear within two weeks and the pool was open to swim. But there were some very bad stains in the concrete which made the pool look bad even though they were just cosmetic. I thought I would have to drain the pool and do an acid wash and then resurface the inside of the pool. That was going to be very expense. Len said he was sure he could get the stains out without all that work. I must admit I had my doubts. All during the summer Len tried different things to get the stains out from old methods to the latest chemicals on the market. He did all this without interrupting our swimming. There would be few hours we could not swim but those times were usually early in the morning. At the end of the summer the stains were almost gone but some were still visible. Before Len closed the pool for the winter he did a two week acid bath on the pool (pool is still full of water). At the end of two weeks none of the stains were visible. I am a perfectionist and to see all the stains gone was remarkable. Len and Ruth were easy to deal with during this whole process and they did the work at a fraction of what it would have cost me to drain the pool and resurface the inside. Like I said at the beginning one of the best companies I have ever dealt with!


Stafford, VA

We are so grateful to Monarch Pool Care for their personalized service and expertise. They are like a contemporary “Mom & Pop Shop” where the customer is treated with sincere & friendly attention. Plus, they have gone over and beyond for us in stopping by to check on the pool/equipment whenever we had a concern. We fondly think of Ruth & Len, and their employees, as extended family

Dale & Cathy

Stafford, VA

We’re not ‘pool people.’ We inherited our pool when we bought our home and though we enjoy the pool, we sure were not excited about the work that goes into it. We were ready to order up the dump trucks of dirt to relieve our pain, but instead we found Ruth and Len and Monarch Pools. They brought back the fun by taking away the work. They have been incredibly reliable, patient and capable – they are the BEST!

Dave & Tina

Stafford, VA

Very accommodating to meet our closing needs as well as “teach” us pool care once we bought our new home with a pool. Very reliable and family centered-we will always use Monarch Pool Company!!

Karen & Ed

Stafford, VA

I cannot say enough good things about Monarch Pool Care!” They have opened and closed our pool, provided us with cleaning services, and pool sat for us while we were on vacation. I am so glad they have a store now so we can buy all our pool supplies there. Thank you Ruth and Len for all you have done!


Stafford, VA

Monarch Pool Care provides me with 100% of my pool care products and maintenance requirements from opening to closing. Their staff has the expertise, formal training, experience, and credibility to quickly troubleshoot any water clarity, chemical balance, or physical maintenance issue. Monarch brings the best of a classic local small business to our community. You know the owners, you trust their advice, and you receive fair value in return for your patronage. Len and Ruth are honest, dedicated, and reliable business operators, and they will not stop until they get your pool maintenance project completed correctly and quickly.


Stafford, VA

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