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Spas – Hot Tubs

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Caldera Spas – Hot Tubs

Improve Your View Every Day While Looking Up to Quality with a Caldera Spa

Spas – Hot Tubs

Caldera Spas – Hot Tubs

Improve Your View Every Day While Looking Up to Quality with a Caldera Spa
Click Here to Download FREE Spa Buyers Guide

Click Here to Download FREE Spa Buyers GuideWant to try your Caldera Spa before you buy?  We offer after hours In-Store Hot Tub Test Soaks.  Come and experience first-hand the many quality features offered in a Caldera Spa! (Call to schedule an appointment).

Find the spa of your dreams below and contact us by phone at (540) 657-7946 or e-mail at ruth@monarchpoolcare.com or stop by the store.  We welcome the opportunity to make your dream of spa ownership a reality!

**For every CalderaSpa sold now through December 31st, 2017 Monarch Pool Care will donate $100 toward victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria**

Caldera Spas Designs for Comfort

A spa should be a full-body experience with therapeutic benefits available to all major muscle groups and areas where you’re most likely to store tension. In a Caldera Spa, you’ll find a variety of jets that soothe muscles and help you release tension. Caldera seats are carefully sculpted and configured to release pressure and keep you seated even when the jets are on. It’s no wonder that our spas are considered by many to be the most comfortable spa available.

Caldera Spas Designs for Performance

Caldera spas are carefully constructed to provide years of carefree performance despite frequent, daily use. As a result, we build one of the best spas in the industry with high-quality, efficient heaters, pumps and other components and durable, reinforced acrylic interior surfaces. We continue to innovate and improve our techniques, and design and search for energy-efficiency technologies, such as our new FiberCor™insulation.30 Second Pool Loan for Monarch Pool Care

Caldera Spas Designs for Style

Great design is soothing. It’s the extras that heighten the experience, enhance the calming effects and make the ordinary seem exceptional. How do style considerations take shape and affect the overall experience? With details and options such as LED illumination, the sound of comforting waterfalls, and entertainment systems that allow you to create a customized ambiance.


Utopia Series

Paradise Series

 Vacanza Series