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Clarence – Stafford, VA

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Clarence – Stafford, VA

Monarch Pool Care is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and after spending over 23 years in the Air Force I have dealt with companies all over the world. Ruth and Len are honest and professional in all my dealings with them. I do not believe any task with a pool is too big for them. Case in point, my pool had not been ran or winterized in two years when I bought my house. When I pulled the safety tarp back the water was so black you could not see the first step which was only 10 inches deep. The pool is a beautiful big free formed concrete pool. I thought there was no hope to get the water clean much less the pool area itself. Len told me he could get the water clean and probably any stains that may be in the pool. I thought well let’s see but this may just be a good sells pitch. To my surprise the water was crystal clear within two weeks and the pool was open to swim. But there were some very bad stains in the concrete which made the pool look bad even though they were just cosmetic. I thought I would have to drain the pool and do an acid wash and then resurface the inside of the pool. That was going to be very expense. Len said he was sure he could get the stains out without all that work. I must admit I had my doubts. All during the summer Len tried different things to get the stains out from old methods to the latest chemicals on the market. He did all this without interrupting our swimming. There would be few hours we could not swim but those times were usually early in the morning. At the end of the summer the stains were almost gone but some were still visible. Before Len closed the pool for the winter he did a two week acid bath on the pool (pool is still full of water). At the end of two weeks none of the stains were visible. I am a perfectionist and to see all the stains gone was remarkable. Len and Ruth were easy to deal with during this whole process and they did the work at a fraction of what it would have cost me to drain the pool and resurface the inside. Like I said at the beginning one of the best companies I have ever dealt with!

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